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Our integrated digital marketing strategy services ensure your brand stays one step ahead of competitors.

Your most essential asset

Your website is an owned marketing medium and one of the most important channels in your digital arsenal.

As small businesses owners, you don’t have time to worry about website maintenance. We are experts in our field, so let us manage your digital activities while you reap the benefits.

We won’t just get your website up and running, we will manage it on an ongoing basis to ensure you have the most optimal relationship with your site visitors.

We offer the following website management services so that you don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance:

Our Websites

Websites managed by ALT Digital are reviewed weekly for the following:


Monitoring the performance and site health of your website is crucial for maintaining a seamless user experience and achieving your digital marketing goals. Regular performance monitoring helps identify and address issues that may impact website speed, loading times, and overall functionality, ensuring optimal user engagement and satisfaction. 

We ensure your site is protected from cybercrime and malware attacks.

We ensure all your plugins (forms, e-commerce, all functionality) are working seamlessly. This helps prevents security threats and keeps your site functioning.

We monitor how users interact with your website. We collect and analyse your data and provide comprehensive reports of your digital assets’ activity.

Your website isn’t a static billboard, it’s an ever evolving marketing platform that that can be used for solid customer engagement. We analyse your digital content ensuring that it’s up to date and relevant by constantly adding new information.

This involves understanding your customer’s experience at every touchpoint, online and offline. This is your way of getting inside your customers’ heads and understanding their experience where they make contact with you at various points. It helps you understand what they want and need and what their pain points are. Journey management allows you to fix road blocks and update and improve. By understanding their experience you can ensure that it’s seamless, enjoyable and connected.

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