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Socialise your success with expert social media marketing strategies that drive engagement and growth

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Social media marketing services empower businesses to harness the immense potential of social platforms. Leveraging targeted content, strategic campaigns, and data-driven insights, these services effectively engage with the target audience, foster brand loyalty, and drive measurable results. From creating compelling content to managing ad campaigns, social media marketing services establish a strong online presence, amplify brand awareness, and ensure a meaningful connection with customers across various platforms, ultimately propelling business growth in the digital era.

Social Media in South Africa

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platforms used each month
Channel Active Accounts
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22.15 million
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11 million
5.85 million
5.65 million
3.65 million

Social Media

Socialise your success with expert social media marketing strategies that drive engagement and growth


There are 22 million active Facebook users in South Africa, making it the most used social platform in 2023. 49% of South Africans aged 13+ can be reached on Facebook.

There are 5.6 million Instagram users in South Africa. Approx. 12% of the populaton aged 13+ can be reached using Instagram.

11 million South Africans use LinkedIn. Brands who use this B2B channel have access to 27% of the population aged 18+.

Almost 26 million South Africans use YouTube in South Africa. YouTube is managed through Google and can be advertised with using Google Ads.

Benefits of social media

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Social media platforms offer extensive reach, enabling your business to connect with a broader audience and increase brand visibility.

  • Targeted Audience Engagement: Engage with your target audience directly, building relationships and fostering customer loyalty through authentic interactions.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Organic social media efforts require minimal financial investment, making it a cost-effective marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.

  • Showcasing Authenticity: Authentic content humanizes your brand, creating a genuine connection with your audience, and establishing trust and credibility.

  • Real-time Feedback: Social media allows for immediate feedback, providing valuable insights into customer preferences, concerns, and opinions.

  • Viral Marketing Opportunities: Shareable content on social media can go viral, leading to exponential reach and potentially significant business growth.

  • Community Building: Create a loyal community around your brand, encouraging discussions, user-generated content, and customer advocacy.

  • SEO Benefits: Social signals can positively impact search engine rankings, enhancing your website’s visibility and organic traffic.

  • Customer Support & Assistance: Social media provides a platform for real-time customer support, addressing inquiries and resolving issues promptly.

  • Competitor Analysis: Monitor competitors’ social media activities to gain insights and stay ahead in the market.

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