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A digital marketing audit is an assessment of your entire digital ecosystem. This assessment theoretically strips your digital marketing ecosystem down into individual components (your website and blog, email marketing software, CRM software, SEO tools, PPC platforms, analytics and tracking, and social media), and reconfigures your environment in a way that’s geared for marketing success.

Assessing your brand's digital landscape

Digital marketing tools and platforms change as frequently as our customers do. It’s therefore imperative that you audit your digital marketing environment at least once every 18 months if you want to remain on top of these trends and continue to reach your customers in the platforms they choose.

12 to 18 months should be sufficient time between digital marketing audits. If you conduct a major audit and a big systems overhaul, 18 months between projects is perfect.

See below to find out exactly what goes into a digital marketing audit.

Sites audited

A digital marketing audit is a collection of insights compiled by reviewing your digital marketing environment as the sum of all its parts. The following are the sites audited during this process:


Broken content

Broken links

Content audit

Sitemap and structure

Technical audit

Privacy, POPI, compliance

Site performance and speed

SSL and backup assessment

Vulnerability scans

Penetration testing

Disaster recovery plan assessment

Robots txt issues

Set up and configuration

GA4 set up

Event tracking

Goal tracking

Behavior flow

IP exclusions

Technical integration

List health

Domain authentication


Subscriber preferences

Content audit

Stats audit

Technical integration

List health and data assessment

Usage assessment


How the website and all other digital components are integrated to form a conversion tracking report. How do leads enter the system and how are user tracked and converted.

Profile health 

Audience health 

Content assessment 

Website integration 







Evaluating Your Digital Success: Expert Digital Marketing Audit Services

Our comprehensive digital marketing audit services are designed to assess and evaluate your digital success with precision and expertise. In today’s competitive online landscape, understanding the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts is crucial for achieving optimal results.

Our skilled team of digital marketing professionals conducts thorough audits of your online presence, analysing key metrics, performance indicators, and strategies across various channels. We delve into areas such as website performance, search engine optimisation, social media presence, content strategy, and advertising campaigns to provide you with a detailed assessment of your digital performance.

By leveraging our digital marketing audit services, you gain invaluable insights into areas of improvement, identify untapped opportunities, and develop data-driven strategies to enhance your overall digital success.

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