Twitter updates to stamp out trolls

This morning, Twitter published a blog which announced an update for safety, and another attempt to cull the troll population that’s overrun the popular social network.

Twitter trolling has been a problem for many years, and recently, with several popular accounts shutting down, the network started to make changes. First, when reporting these problems, Twitter made it easier for brands by providing a list of potentially offensive tweets that you could select from when reporting a problem. This, unfortunately, did not help much.

Todya, Twitter announced three more changes to help eliminate trolls:

– stopping the creation of new abusive accounts,
– bringing forward safer search results, and
– collapsing potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets.

Details of each are listed below:

Stopping the creation of new abusive accounts:

We’re taking steps to identify people who have been permanently suspended and stop them from creating new accounts. This focuses more effectively on some of the most prevalent and damaging forms of behavior, particularly accounts that are created only to abuse and harass others.

Introducing safer search results:

We’re also working on ‘safe search’ which removes Tweets that contain potentially sensitive content and Tweets from blocked and muted accounts from search results. While this type of content will be discoverable if you want to find it, it won’t clutter search results any longer. Learn more in our help center.

Collapsing potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets:

Our team has also been working on identifying and collapsing potentially abusive and low-quality replies so the most relevant conversations are brought forward. These Tweet replies will still be accessible to those who seek them out. You can expect to see this change rolling out in the coming weeks.

In the days and weeks ahead, the social network will continue to roll out product changes – some changes will be visible and some less so – and will update you on progress every step of the way. With every change, we’ll learn, iterate, and continue to move at this speed until we’ve made a significant impact that people can feel.

I know all community managers handling brand accounts on Twitter will rejoice at this move – trolling is a problem for brands and it’s previously been very difficult to report it. Now, Twitter is dong what it can to keep our communities safe of this horrible green monster.