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How ALT Digital helps your Search Engine Optimisation strategy

At Alt Digital we provide digital marketing services to startups and small businesses who are looking for a digital media partner. We work with you, not for you. Search engine optimisation is a tool that gives your website a higher ranking on search engines. It’s a positioning strategy, it’s all about visibility and it focuses on getting your content top of mind.

Highlighting your online presence

SEO relies on engaging content to work well, but it’s also about user experience. It’s all good and well getting visitors to your site, but what’s their experience like when they get there? Is your website easy to navigate? Is the content coherently structured? Is your site set up for mobile access? These are all important questions not only to draw visitors but also keep them there.

Keyword research and SEO audits
On-page optimisation strategies
Analytics and tracking integration

Unlimited Areas Of Our SEO Offering

SEO and website optimisation’s aim is to convert visitors of your site into paid customers. We have a qualified team of SEO and web optimisation experts who will develop a customised approach to:


Increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of bettering your rank on search engines.


Find out what topics people are searching about and ensuring your online content addresses these searches and ranks higher on search engine results.


Get an understanding of where your visitors come from and how they got there. Analysing their behaviour allows you to target them more accurately.


Monitoring how your website performs in search engines for a particular keyword.


Developing content that is interesting and engaging. Engaging content is the hook that turns sales leads into conversions.


Links are considered as assets – content that people will want to link to for example blogs, videos, surveys or quizzes.

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