How to add payment information in Woocommerce email for Direct Bank Transfer

In this post, you’ll learn how to add Direct Bank Transfer payment information to your Woocommerce Order Recieved automated email.

But first things first: Have you enabled the email functionality attached to Woocommerce orders? Here’s how:

Find your Woocommerce settings on the left hand sidebar


Scroll across to “Emails”

Select the email called “Processing Order”

Make sure email notification is enabled

Now you need to scroll back to the top and select the option “Payments” and click on Direct Bank Transfer

Under the “Instructions” section, add your banking details. This will automatically add them to the “Order Confirmation” email that is sent via the system once an order is received and the user has selected Direct Bank Transfer as their payment method:

And you’re done! Now you can test it by placing an order in the system and checking the email that is sent to you. Happy selling!