Coming soon: LinkedIn native video

It’s all happening on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn has been running tests in the background that will make all marketers lives a lot easier! The company is preparing to roll out native video in the coming weeks.

It started with a select group of individuals and companies, who were suddenly able to upload native videos to their LinkedIn page. You know what that means? No more YouTube URLs needed for LinkedIn videos, and those videos will contribute to your LinkedIn stats. Exciting times ahead.

There’s no word yet on when this will roll out for the rest of us, but here’s what it will look like:

In newsfeed On play

Can’t decide which photos you like best? Soon you won’t have to:

Yet another change coming to LinkedIn in the next couple of weeks (and already rolled out for a select few) is the multiple-image upload function. Gone are the days of having to choose your best company event image, or posting all of them in the space of five minutes with different posts; now you will be able to upoload multiple photos just like in Facebook and Twitter (at least, the same as Facebook and more than Twitter allows).

It looks a bit like this:

Good times ahead!

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