2017 social media trends to watch (and use)

Social media is a dynamic, fluctuating monster. It grows and grows, it changes intelligently. And, always, it is determined by the user. The consumer.

The following are the top 2017 social media trends which will shape this year.

The rise of the chat bot

Chat bots are . They’re designed to simulate conversation for customer relationship management. People want answers, and they want them now. Chat bots allow people to feel as though they are speaking to a human who can immediately (or soon after) solve their problems, and goes a long way to easing customer frustration. They also help community managers – those brave souls who sit on the other side of customer complaints via social media – to manage conversations.

Looking to implement chat bots? Check out this article for the top 8 chat bots of 2016.


Live streaming

People want real-time information. It makes them feel much more like they are engaging with brands, being active participants in conversations rather than simply watchers. Google Hangouts has shifted, and can now be accessed through YouTube as ‘streaming’ and ‘live event’ functions, both of which allow you to interact in real-time. Facebook Live, an advent of 2016 and something we expect to see massive growth in 2017, is also something to watch.

Influencer marketing

You can shout your brand’s qualities until your blue in the face, but audiences have shifted from hearing these messages. This has given rise to the advent of influencer marketing. This relies on human people as spokespeople for brands. Think about it, are you going to switch your service provider because one of them got you via a convinving tweet, or are you going to change because someone trusted said they switched and have never been happier. Brand authority is shifting, and it’s coming from people. Want to learn more about influencer marketing? Get in touch with Webfluential.


More organic, personalised content

It used to be all about engagement – that was the primary goal for social advertisers. This has shifted into an acquisition model, and it’s resulted in most ads taking users out of their preferred channels. They don’t like that. So, what we will see brands shift towards in 2017, is a model which highlights high-quality (expiring) organic content that is personalised for your audiences. Expiring content is popular because it creates urgency to engage.


A renewed focus on organic growth

Further, untargeted use of paid social advertising and fake news have made consumers wary of the content they are being served and, worse, irritated with the volumes of it. This has resulted in a renewed focus on organic growth of your social channel. Focus in on your consumers, not in terms of volumes but rather for quality, and encourage sharing of your content so this growth pattern can increase.